Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reproduction Tree of Life Medallions

Tree of Life
By Bobbi Finley

The tree-of-life is a classic compostion, an ancient tree sprouting flowers and leaves that could never co-exist in nature. Westerners adapted the idea from various Eastern imagery.
Bobbi's whole top on a windy day.

Tree of Life center by Judy Severson
The hillocks (range of hills) at the base are a tradition.

Tree of Life
By Cynthia Collier

Roseanne Smith

Broderie Perse Center
Exotic birds are an important addition.
Judy and Roseanne like butterflies too.

If you are looking for a pattern----
Banyan Tree Medallion by Margaret Mew for Quilt Station

If you are inspired to cut your own see these posts on how to do it:

Judy Severson's work table

Roseanne Smith's new tree in progress

Almost finished


Rosemary Youngs said...

Love the quilts, also really like the Banyan tree quilt pattern , making a center medallion quilt is on my list of special quilts to start next year.

Susan said...

Those are so pretty! I played around with the technique when I made Baltimore blocks, but I've never tried a whole tree.

Bobbi Finley said...

Thanks, Barbara, for posting my quilt. And thank Judy Severson for spotting the fabrics and talking me into making the quilt. It was fun to make and I hope others are inspired to do so.