Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hewson Repros in Shops

Just in time for the Bicentnennial of the War of 1812, Andover's John Hewson collection of reproductions has been shipped. Designer Kathy Hall showed the fabric and this quilt designed by Gail Kessler at spring market with expected summer delivery to shops.

Warehouses + Irene = Disaster

But there was a little problem.... Hurricane Irene flooded the warehouse. All that beautiful fabric--- wet, smelly, muddy and mildewed. They reprinted, which took a few months, and now it's ready.

Gail Kessler used the center, the other motifs and the borders to make this reproduction of the original spread in the collection of the Winterthur Museum that provided the inspiration.

Download a PDF with instructions for Gail's design by clicking here:

And download one with instructions for Jean Ann Wright's here

I'm working on my reproduction of
Zebiah Smallwood Hewson's quilt beginning with the Andover center.

Zebiah's quilt top in the
Collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

My interpretation
My central panel is smaller so my finished quilt will be smaller
 (a good thing--- as Zeb's is 118" wide)

I've got the first dogtooth (Vandyke scallop) border done with 3" appliqued indigo stars in the corners.
Now I am thinking about the zig-zag. My center is square, although it doesn't look it here. With the first border it's 27". I think I will add a small white strip to make it finish to 30" so the math for the next border works out better.

Zebiah's version of the second border.

I think I will use this version of the design sketched out in EQ:
3" finished squares from Lately Arrived From London

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Anonymous said...

Love the fabric but wondered if you have considered making a whole cloth printed version that does not require cutting the pre-printed pieces - seems like it would make a lovely hand quilting project without fussy cutting etc and putting all the block together. Bayford