Saturday, January 7, 2012

Zig-Zag Borders

Medallion dated 1804 from an online auction

In January the topic is various patchwork borders, beginning with what we'd call a zig-zag or streak-of-lightning border

Crib quilt from an online auction

Medallion by Jane Gatewood from the Quilt Index
This quilt dated 1796 has two zig-zag variations framing the center applique.

"Maryland, Math and a Magnifying Glass"
Reproduction wall-size quilt by Sylvia Jennings Galbraith made for an American Quilt Study Group challenge a few years ago---Bedcovers Before 1840.

Sylvia writes that she interpreted a quilt from Stella Rubin's book : (Miller's)Treasure or Not? How to Compare & Value American Quilts, pg. 41, listed as "Stipple Quilt, Maryland c.1820". The original was from the collection of Eve Wilson/photographs Stella Rubin.

"Since it is a small photo, I had to use a magnifying glass to see the fabrics. Coincidentally, the day I was basting it, my copy of The Quilted Planet by Celia Eddy arrived, with a full page photo of the same quilt ....
My quilt is a version of the center section-there are several more irregular borders or frames outward from this."
Below are some ways to get the effect of that zig-zag border...

I found four free patterns online with zig-zag variations. Here's one using the stacked flying geese idea.
From the Blooming Workshop
A while ago Anita posted an online "quilt along" patterning an English quilt belonging to Cindy Vermillion Hamilton. Click here:
And see a Flickr group with more pictures

The Virginia Quilt Museum Medallion by Mariann Simmons

Mariann Simmons, in cooperation with the Virginia Quilt Museum, has drafted a free pattern for their medallion. Download the PDF for the pattern here

And see more pictures of the model here

They do the border with strips and triangles.

Hartfield Medallion by me and Moda

Moda still has the pattern for this quilt up there although this Jane-Austen-era fabric is long gone.
Click here for the PDF.
We used the stacked flying geese method.

Faith by Howard Marcus for Moda
And the pattern for the medallion Faith for Collections for a Cause uses strips and triangles.


goldenstitches said...

I love the zig zag border how-to. I have been considering a zig zag set or border for a quilt I am working on. Thanks for the great information.

Anonymous said...

I have an old quilt with red & white zig-zag sashing. It makes for a striking set, and at the time I bought it I hadn't seen zig zags before.


Pine Valley Quilts said...

Thanks Barabara, great information. I think I will try this on my latest quilt idea.