Saturday, July 14, 2012

Curved piecing

Quilt dated 1801 with curved piecing
in the center and the border of blocks.

Curved piecing seems to be one of the early patterns for all-over block style quilts.
This one, perhaps 1800-1830, is from an online auction. I looked up the pattern in BlockBase under four patches with curved piecing (#1519 or 1520) and found several names such as Pincushion, Orange Peel and Dolley Madison's Workbox, but all the names were published in the 20th century, 100 years after the pattern was popular.

See Barbara Schaffer's blog with one from the Phebe and Isaac Nichols family of Newark, New Jersey
This detail from a pieced quilt in the Winterthur collection was made by Fanny Johnson McPherson in Maryland. They date it 1835-1850
See the whole quilt and enlarge it to see the wonderful quilting:

It's quite similar to one from a recent online auction

A version that is more complex but similar in coloring from the International Quilt Study Center and Museum (1997.007.0817):
It's attributed to New York, about 1820-1840
A slightly different pattern (BlockBase #1527) with similar names Orange Peel and Melon Patch.

This example looks to have a pillar print for a border.

The designs are rather sophisticated for early patchwork---setting up lights and darks so there is secondary patterning.

I showed this one from the Spencer Museum of Art last month, discussing the yellow-ground chintz in drab style.
Inspired by that ruffled quilt I did a mini for the AQSG Study in Pre-1840 Bedcoverings. I appliqued my curves. If one were looking for a good pattern for an early 19th-century reproduction any of these curved patchwork variations would be good.

See a similar antique at Willy Wonky's blog
See a great reproduction by Diane Finnegan here:

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WoolenSails said...

I really like the orange peel design, but I was thinking of doing it with appliqué, lol. Those are nice designs to use nice prints on.